The 5 Highest Paid Celebrities in Hollywood 2014

Hollywood celebrities’ news and gossips have always been a favourite topic of discussion
for movie buffs. There are many magazines that keep publishing a list of the highest paid
celebrities in Hollywood every year. In the year 2014, the list has records from their earnings
made from June 2013 to June 2014.Their income, as given in the list, is exclusive of fees,
taxes, and other deductions.
Here is a list for the Hollywood celebrities who were top-earners for the past year in the film
1. Robert Downey Jr with $75 Million: The Avengers, where he has played the role of
Iron Man or better to say Iron Man 3, has made him earn a lot. It has much to
contribute to his success. Iron Man 3, being the top-grossing movie in 2013, ranked
for $1.3 billion at the box office. Also he has been the highest paid actor from two
consecutive years, though he had only “Chef” – Jon Favreau from June’13 to June’14.
2. Dwayne Johnson with $52 Million: The star of the Fast and Furious and former
wrestler, with his starring role in “Hercules”, has become the second highest paid
actor in Hollywood. The action star is also trying to become an executive producer
and TV star. Last year, he was at 5 th position on the list.
3. Sandra Bullock with $51 Million: The Oscar winning actress, aged 50 years, is
Hollywood’s highest earning female star, followed by Jennifer Lawrence and then
Jennifer Aniston. Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” released in 2013 has helped Sandra
Bullock to be on the list of highest paid celebs in Hollywood. This sci-fi thriller earned
$716 million around the globe.
4. Bradley Cooper with $46 Million: The actor of “The Hangover” with his outstanding
performance in 2013 in the Oscar-nominated “American Hustle” has become the
fourth highest paid celebrity in Hollywood.
5. Leonardo DiCaprio with $39 Million: The star of “The Wolf of Wall Street”, which
has earned him Emmy nomination, earned a total of $39 million along with “The
Great Gatsby” that has brought $351 million at the box office globally. DiCaprio is
the fourth highest paid person among the Hollywood actors. Last year, he was at
number six; however, he earned the same amount of money as last year.
This is just a list of their earnings for starring in movies. There is lot of inflow of money
even for their public appearances and guest appearances in society events. These
highest paid celebrities of Hollywood have become the brand names in themselves.
Numerous other celebrities follow the similar pattern and thus get paid in bulk.

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