People Who Have Drug Addiction Must Be Given Free Heroin: NHS Doctors

Some of the leading doctors have urged that drug addicts should be given Heroin. They
also mentioned that they have to be allowed to supervise the users in exclusively
designated shoot-up galleries in places when the dependency is extremely high. A
couple of days ago, the British Medical Association made the controversial statement by
stating that it will help in bringing down the crime and also bringing down the spreading
of HIV. It is now requesting the Government to give Heroin supported treatment and
also supervisory consumption rooms wherein the doctors will give out the drug and play
a helping hand to the patients.
However, a lot of campaigners stated that this move has shattered many people’s
hopes and blamed the doctors for assisting the addicts by encouraging their habits. The
Chairman of BMA’s public health medicine committee, Mr Kennedy stated that the main
idea is that the drug users can now be given appropriate care in a much safer manner.
He stated that the doctors will suggest the drug and it will be dispensed for them for
He claimed that the doctors are just going to play the role as physicians in exactly the
same way that the physicians would prescribe the medicines. He also went on to add
that these are medicinal heroin and therefore it is absolutely fine for the users to
consume it. Mr.Kennedy went on to add that the doctors must be allowed to supervise
the users in exclusively designated places across all towns where their dependency is
really high. The rooms that will be designated for this purpose will have clean injecting
equipment and will also have trained doctors to help the users. He stated that this is one
of their attempts to bring down crime and he is confident that this approach will benefit
the people as well as the government.
At present, heroin addicts are prescribed methadone on the NHS at a reduced rate to
assist them come out of this habit and thereby reduce the withdrawal symptoms.
However, there are experts who claim that methadone is even more addictive when
compared to heroin and it will thereby result in the patients staying addicted to drugs for
years without getting any better. They say that it is a bigger concern than one can

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